I can say with some fair degree of certainty what will happen for the rest of today.

In a short while we will take the 30 litres of cat litter, just purchased, and fill recyclable plastic bags with this. We will place these in the pond under the bank where the leak is. The chemical bonds holding the bags together will slowly hydrolyse and thereby deposit the litter where we want it. It will absorb water and clump together hopefully further sealing the leak.

Later on, I will engage in what we call,” strimmer frenzy”. This involves taking our very noisy two-stroke strimmer and going round the edges of the garden. It takes three heavy sessions to strim the garden. It is a part of the pattern now spring is here. Every few weeks or so it needs strimming. I am not yet strimmer fit because it hasn’t been necessary since the end of October. I will therefore ache, a lot. I’ll probably manage two tanks of petrol before I will have to stop.

I’ll cook dinner and tomorrow or the next day I will be back on strimmer frenzy.

Sooner or later the health situation will ameliorate, and we have discussed taking evening classes in which we might learn Breton. This is less likely, though still possible, probable even. It may however be 2022 or 2023.

I am starting to lose the ability to speak because I only speak with the wife and we are finding that words seem less necessary on one level. This may or may not continue as a trend subject to the Breton classes.

It is very unlikely that our level of social interaction will increase from near zero, anytime soon.

So, for the foreseeable future we will be doing “estate management” and do it yourself. This will continue until such time as we need to downsize. We might put a timespan of a decade on this.

From time to time, we will go for a walk in the countryside and when the confinement is lifted, the coast.

I will dabble a little on this blog.

I can’t really see anything else on the horizon.

Subject to the veracity of what I was told apropos of this being my last incarnation, I will shift from rupa to arupa and remain formless until the end of this Kalpa. I will only find out if this is the case when I shuffle of this mortal coil. It is impossible to put odds on this but in the grand scheme of things it does seem a tad unlikely.

That is about it…