Difficult Karma

There is no way to approach this topic without appearing harsh, even uncaring. People always want others to subscribe to and buy into, their sense of victimhood and that life has been unfair to them. So if someone has difficult Karma and you say it is an effect of causes either in this lifetime or previous ones, they label you as unsympathetic. This is not true. In pointing out Karmic causes you are in fact being very helpful, because at least then, if people choose, they can do something about it. People, by and large, are unwilling to accept that in very many ways they are the causes of their own current life circumstance. Many would seek to argue against such a premise. Everyone has a “right” to an opinion.

Karma then is full of surprises and sometimes it simply “pulls the plug” on a way of life, a life direction and aspirations. Something happens, the universe says NO! The being is then somewhat shell shocked, their certainty evaporates, and they find themselves immersed in the sea of the unknown. This is Karmic adjustment at work!

Some would then bemoan life events. Others would take note of the opinion of the universe and start to make adjustments. Others will cling on to the old with tight grasping fingers, desperate to salvage any vestiges of what has gone before and in utter denial of what is actually happening. Under such circumstance the old ways of being, of approach, no longer work.

Circumstances of difficult Karma are rich beyond measure with the possibility of learning. Difficult or harsh Karma, in the physical sense, is relatively rare in the “civilised” West. It manifests more psychologically and is more to do with self image and social or power based societal integration. It is much more “mind” than “body”.

The sort of physical brutality more endemic in other parts of the world strikes horror into the minds of the comfortable and complacent West. Because it is so alien to them it does not really compute, yet were they to be actually faced with it, their comfortable complacency would be shaken to the very core.

Here enemies rather than being hidden, covert and of the psyche, are real, physical and life threatening. It is a moot point which is harder, the overt and dangerous or the covert and insidious. Each has their own Karma and what shocks some, is more natural for others.

The trick to working with Karma is simple:

Accept the fact that you have caused your own Karma.

This simple change in attitude is in itself liberating. With it begins the journey, based in intelligence, of learning whatever it is you set out to learn when you incarnated this time around.

You may note that I have not used the terms good Karma and bad Karma, this is because such terms are coloured with emotional prejudice and hints of victimhood. I prefer difficult Karma and easy Karma as descriptive categorisations. Difficult Karma is rich in learning, easy Karma is much less so.

What is difficult for some is easy for others.

Trying to force your will on the universe will inevitably lead to difficult Karma. Sooner or later you will be forced, by the universe, to learn. There are no beings who can inflict their will for eternity. The universe will allow things for a while and let you fall into the trap of your own making. If you use force of will it is reflected back at you until such time as you see it for what it is and learn not to do it again.

The more you deny your own responsibility in circumstances of difficult Karma, the more difficult it becomes. For a part of working with Karma is the acceptance of your causal role in life events. If you do not or will not, accept your causal role, it is next to impossible for you to adjust your behaviour. If you are too self important to accept that you have called forth your life circumstance you will be unable to alter it in any way. There will be no freedom for you. Life will be largely reactive and not proactive. If analysed at all, the same old patterns repeat again and again. Some people are slow and unwilling learners. Life for them lurches from one “crisis” to another, each with broadly similar scripts and conclusions. Wringing your hands at the cruelty of fate, never changes anything!

As a working hypothesis, am I willing to accept that I have caused much of my life circumstance which is an effect of my actions, thoughts and words?