The Karma of Mistruth

There is nothing which demonstrates the principles of Karma in action better than mistruth. If mistruth is spoken it becomes a cause and will lead to yet more mistruth, more lies; these being the effect. Lies, deep down, cause fear in the those who tell them and need near constant tending. This causes stress and anxiety. In the recipient of lies, they cause and effect, mistrust.

The “expediency” of a moment where lying is used, has untold and unexpected effects moving forward in time. There is not a thing on earth which needs more propping up, than a lie or lies. For a lie is nearly always a seed for a subsequent tree of lies, if not a forest.

People may justify lying to others, to themselves. They may even believe that they have told the truth and “gotten away with it”. In their core it picks at them. The harvest perhaps only comes in final days of life. Their self worth is tarnished because they have lacked the courage to be authentic.

Outward “success” obtained by mistruth belies the inner reality in the psyche of the liar. Life takes on a furtive colouration. They become more fearful that they will be “found out” and resort to protective stratagems. What starts out as a simple expediency quickly becomes a convoluted web, the maintenance of which is very time consuming.

What do you reckon, does lying demonstrate the cause and effect of Karma, very well?