An “only fans” account?

Even and old git like me {56} might have to move with the times. We have been considering how we might generate some extra revenue.

Way back I had a gay male flatmate and whilst he was coming out I used to go with him as a wing-man to gay pick-up joints. The sort of man who would be interested in him, would not be intersted in me, a bear, now a silver bear. I helped him to discover, just by being a friend and company.

There is a lot of talk about making money from the internet and “Only Fans” apparently is one method.

It is not beyond the realms of possibilty for me to post pay per view content. At first pass it could be gay only but there are women who like a “George Clooney” hairy grandad too. Who needs a six-pack when you can have a hirsuite barrel?

I could buff up a bit more and learn how to use photoshop.

I would then become modern, mis à jour, and in sync. with the times.

Who knows, it might be just the thing I need to do..


Do you think I should give it a go?

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