Alternate Realities

Not long in from working on the central flower bed. It is let’s say 50 metres long and around 15 metres wide. It is getting a good first pass and we are planting. Today it was some camomile. The scale of everything here is big. If I say that I transported a wheelbarrow full of earth from one corner of the garden to plug hole corner, that does not sound so big a deal. Yet there is a big gradient, it is around 150 metres and I still have a somewhat gammy leg. We are continuing our repairs on the coypu damage.

Digging up brambles which have had five years to root is better exercise than going down the gym. I am starting to ache…bigly… to quote Uncle Donald.

When I got in, I found an email from the European Quantum Flagship with groovy logos like these.

I am not affiliated nor institutionalised and therefore I am an imaginary particle. I cannot exist. Weird, an alternate reality arrives in my inbox.

On and off today I have been getting “breakthrough” from blighty and various academics there have been impinging at the periphery of my consciousness. Weird…Is something going down again in the SW7 ‘hood?

Note to self… must stop eating those mushroom omelettes.

Also, I have been today getting some Tibetan “breakthrough”, a whole lot of maroon going on.

These alternative realities at the periphery are not earth, nor are they ground.

We have been shopping today so there is no need for us to leave the compound until Friday.

The weather looks to be good, so tomorrow afternoon we shall be out on the middle section, working our way slowly downhill, weeding, a couple of metres at a time. We should be finished by May.

Although the vaccination programme is advancing in France, we are a long way from Paris and the supplies are not getting here quick.

It looks like no vaccine for us for the foreseeable future. No problem, the risk of contamination here on the compound is pretty darned low.

The day-to-day earth reality here differs slightly from that which we see imported via a geo-stationary equatorial satellite, way down South.

Why is this bizarre “breakthrough” happening?

Perhaps I need some anti-psychotics.