The Karma of Smugness and Gloating

Do you think that being smug and gloating are good things to do?

I have been getting slightly concerned about how the vaccine rich are boasting about how well they are doing.

“Look at us aren’t we great everybody else is pants.”

“Those pesky Europeans have f£$%ed it up!”

“My aren’t we clever.”

This is very separative. It is in many ways throwing down the gauntlet to the universe to offer a karmic response.

What we don’t often see in national news is the global charts. This one is from Reuters.

If there are >600,000 new infections per day that is plenty to sample the phase space of viral mutation. Some mutations must be more probable than others. Sampling > 3 million infections per week will find new mutations of unknown transmissibility and which may not be prone to the antibodies produced by the current vaccines.

The world is interconnected probably best not to stick one’s head up one’s own arse.

It could get very groundhog.