The Sacrifice Petals

The energies or forces flowing through, and thus producing activity in the inner tier of petals, the Sacrifice Petals, are again similar in nature to those already enumerated, plus a definite stimulation of power in two directions.

One stimulating influence comes from the Will Aspect of the Monad, and thus (through transmission) from the first Aspect of the planetary Logos, and the other emanates from the “Sacred Bud which veils the Jewel.” This is a particularly strong vibration because, when the inner circle is unfolded, the jewel is revealed, and the three “veils” or “sacred petals” open successively when the three tiers unfold.

It is thus apparent what numerous energizing agencies are responsible for the “motion,” occultly understood, of the egoic lotus. There is the inherent life of the atomic units forming each petal, and the circulatory life of the petal itself, regarding it as an individual unit. There is likewise the life of the circle of three petals and to this we must add the unified activity of the outer three circles, or the blending of knowledge forces absorbed from the personal self, of love forces which are the natural energies of the solar Angel, and of sacrifice forces pouring in from the Monad. Thus we have a marvelous aggregate of streams of energies, all representing interior and still greater (because cosmic) energies.

Finally, we have the dynamic force of the “Jewel” at the Heart, which is itself the focal point for the life of the planetary Logos, and through the planetary Logos of all the other Logoi.

Thus the potentialities latent in the incarnating jiva are stupendous, and he can become as God, provided he submits to the evolutionary process, and does not “refrain from being stretched upon the wheel.” Thus the expansions of consciousness, which will admit an individual point of spiritual life into the councils, and the Wisdom of the Deity, are no idle promise but are guaranteed by the very constitution of the vehicle employed, and the place in the scheme of the “developing Point,” as the Ego is sometimes called. Naught in time and space can hinder, for every form being simply an expression of energized life, tends to serve every other form. Stimulation of some kind, the tendency to increase the vibration of contacting streams of energy, the accentuation of the activity of each centralized point as it contacts other points in the general heightening of the vibration through the interplay of those forces, all this sweeps the entire system on to its consummation, and to the revelation of the “glory which shall some day be revealed.” (Bible. I. Peter, 5:1.) All these forces form the aggregate of what is called “fohatic life.” As the system, or the body of the Logos, is carried forward through the energy in all its parts, so is each infinitesimal part speeded on to its similar individual glorification. The many which form the All, and the units which constitute the One, cannot be differentiated as the consummation is achieved. They are merged, and lost in the general “beatific light,” as it is sometimes called. We can then extend the concept somewhat further, and realize the cosmic interplay which is likewise being carried forward. We can picture the cosmic stimulation and intensification which proceeds as constellations form the units in the Whole instead of planets or human atoms. Whole suns with their allied systems in their immensity play the part of atoms. Thus some idea may be gained of the unified purpose underlying the turning of the great Wheel of the cosmic Heaven, and the working through of the life purposes of those stupendous Existences Who hold a position in the cosmic Hierarchy similar to that of the “ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID.”

It is not possible to give students an adequate idea of the beauty of the egoic lotus when it has reached the stage of complete unfoldment. The radiance of its color is not here referred to, but the brilliancy of the fires, and the rapid scintillation of the ceaselessly moving streams and points of energy. Each petal pulsates with quivering fire “points,” and each tier of petals vibrates with life, whilst at the center glows the Jewel, raying forth streams of energy from the center to the periphery of the outermost circle.

The fires of living energy circulate around each individual petal and the method of interweaving and the circulation of the fires is (as may be well realized) sevenfold in nature according to the sevenfold nature of the Logos involved. Each circle of petals becomes, as evolution proceeds, likewise active, and revolves around the central Jewel, so that we have, not only the activity of the petals, not only the activity of the living points or the deva lives within the petal circumference, but likewise the unified activity of each tier of the threefold lotus. At a specific stage in evolution, prior to the opening of the central veiling bud, the three tiers of petals, considered as a unit, begin to revolve, so that the entire lotus appears to be in motion. At the final stages the central circle of petals opens, revealing that which is hid, and revolves around the Jewel, only in a contrary direction to the rapidly circulating outer lotus. The reason may not here be revealed for it is hid in the nature of the electric Fire of Spirit itself.

The Jewel itself remains occultly static, and does not circulate. It is a point of peace; it pulsates rhythmically as does the heart of man, and from it ray forth eight streams of living fire which extend to the tips of the four love petals and the four sacrifice petals. This eightfold energy is atma-buddhi. It is this final raying forth which produces the eventual disintegration of the body of the Ego. The knowledge petals, not being the subject of the attention of this central fire in due time cease to be active; knowledge is superseded by divine wisdom and the love petals have their forces equally absorbed. Naught is eventually left but the desire to “sacrifice,” and as the vibratory impulse is akin to the nature of the living Jewel, it is synthesized in the central living unit and only the Jewel of fire remains. When all the petals have merged their forces elsewhere, the process of revelation is completed. The lower fires die out; the central fire is absorbed, and only the radiant point of electric fire persists. Then a curious phenomenon is to be seen at the final Initiation. The Jewel of fire blazes forth as seven jewels within the one, or as the sevenfold electric spark, and in the intensity of the blaze thus created is reabsorbed into the Monad or the One. This process is paralleled at the final consummation of solar evolution when the seven Suns blaze forth before the great Pralaya.

All these modes of expression are but pictures which serve to convey some small idea of the beauty, and the intricacy of the divine process as it is carried on in the microcosm, and in the macrocosm. They all serve to limit and circumscribe the reality, but to the man who has the divine eye in process of opening, and to him who has the faculty of the higher intuition awakened, such pictures serve as a clue or key to the higher interpretation. They reveal to the student certain ideas as to the nature of fire.

In concluding what is to be said anent motion in the causal body, I would like to point out that it too – on its own plane – has the three characteristics of inertia, mobility and rhythm.

Inertia characterizes the stage prior to the revolution of the different tiers of petals, and this revolution only begins to be felt when the petals are becoming active. It might be stated that the passing of the Pilgrim through the Hall of Ignorance corresponds to the period of “egoic inertia.” During this period, the permanent atoms are the most noticeable points of light in the lotus; they constitute the “energy feeders” of the petal. Later, as the Pilgrim on the physical plane becomes more active and the egoic lotus is consequently unfolding with greater rapidity, the stage of mobility supervenes, and the circles commence their revolution. Finally, when the man treads the Path and his purpose is intensified, the central bud unfolds, the revolution is unified, and through the raying forth of the fires of the Jewel, a specific rhythm is imposed upon the lotus, and its energies are stabilized. This rhythm is diverse according to the type of Monad concerned, or the nature of the planetary Logos of a man’s ray, his divine Prototype.

By the use of certain terms, information is conveyed to the Workers of the planet, the Brotherhood of Light, as to the nature of Ego concerned, the quality of his Ray, the number of his vibration, and the point of evolution attained. It will be apparent therefore, why it is not permitted here to make public the names of the seven rhythmic groups.

One of the effects produced in the lower man via the centers, through the unified activity of the causal body, is the coordination of the lower energies of the human being. These lower energies, as we know, demonstrate through the medium of:

  1. The three groups of centers in the three bodies.
  2. The etheric body itself.
  3. Certain centers in the physical body such as the pineal gland, the pituitary body and the spleen.

We are not here referring to the work of those centers as it is self-initiated because inherent in their very nature, but to the effects to be seen in them as the three tiers of petals function with increasing coherence, and the force latent in the Jewel makes its presence felt. It might specifically be said that these effects show themselves in a threefold manner:

  • First, they cause the group of “wheels” or centers on each plane (or in each of the subtler vehicles) to become fourth dimensional, and to function as “wheels which turn upon themselves.”
  • Secondly, they produce the orderly distribution of force by the forming of various triangles of energy within the bodies. This has been earlier dealt with, and it is only necessary here to point out that it is the energy, accumulating in the causal body and from thence making its presence felt, which produces among the centers the esoteric circulation of force which eventually links each center up in a peculiar geometrical fashion, thus bringing every part of the nature of the lower man into subjection.
  • Thirdly, they bring about the stimulation of certain of the glands of the body which are deemed at present purely physical, and thus enable the solar Angel to grip and hold to His purpose the dense physical body.

It may be helpful if the student bears in mind the fact that every center may be considered as an evidence of solar energy or fire, manifesting as a medium of lower energy or fire by friction. Where these centers exist the solar Angel is enabled gradually to impose his rhythm and vibration upon that which vibrates to what is regarded as a lower rhythm. Thus He gradually swings the entire lower form-substance into His control.

Before the final liberation but after the major part of the purificatory and aligning processes are complete, the vehicles of the initiate present a wonderful appearance, due to the streams of energy from the egoic body which can reach him. The egoic lotus is unfolded, and the central “fire” displayed. Each petal and each circle of petals is pulsating with life and color, and is in active movement, revolving with great rapidity and with the stream of living energy circulating in every part of the lotus. The three permanent atoms glow and blaze and form, through their rapid revolution and interplay, what appears to be a blazing point of fire, so that it has been called at times “the reflection of the Jewel in the Mother’s forehead.” The eighteen centers on the three planes (four on the mental and seven on each of the two lower planes) are radiant wheels of fire, each group distinguished by a specific color, and revolving with such rapidity that the eye can scarce follow them. The bodies are formed of the highest grades of substance, each individual atom, therefore, being capable of intensified vibration, and glowing with the light of its own central fire. The etheric body especially is to be noticed as it is a transmitter at this stage of the purest type of prana, and deserves the name sometimes given to it of “the body of the Sun.” It is the envelope which holds the fires of the microcosmic system; in it are centered not only the pranic fires, but those seven centers which are the transmitters of all the higher energies from the Ego, and from the two higher material bodies. All is centralized, and the etheric vehicle waits for use on the physical plane in cooperation with the dense medium until the man can succeed in linking the consciousness of the two aspects of the dense body so that the continuity is preserved. This work accomplished, the three centers which are of a strictly physical nature – the pineal gland, the pituitary body and the spleen – themselves become luminous and radiant, and all the fires of the body are so stimulated that the atoms which form the physical sheath appear to radiate. This is the occult truth behind the belief that every messenger from the Lodge and every Savior of man is naturally a healer. The forces which flow through a man whose atoms, centers, sheaths, and causal body form a coherent unit in full and radiant activity are of such strength and purity as to have a definite effect upon the nature of those they contact. They heal, stimulate and increase the vibration of their fellow men.


“A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Section Two – Division E – Motion on the Plane of Mind”

Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul