Induction Heated Leg?

As I was cooking dinner last night with a small pot on the induction hob nearest the front of the stove, I began to imagine that my left leg was feeling slightly warmer than my right leg. The small pot will allow the most leakage. My hip was pretty close to the pot and I have one of these.

I began thinking about it and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that there could be some small degree of heating going on.

This morning I have begun researching it and people have assessed by experiment if induction hobs are dangerous for pacemakers. The studies find close proximity might be dangerous and recommend that people with pacemakers stay at least 60cm away from the hobs in operation.

I guess I’ll need to find out what my pin is made of otherwise I might have a brain worm each time I am cooking. The older nails are stainless steel the newer ones are 90%Ti 6% Al and 4 % V so called Ti6Al4V.