Those Important Dudes

On and off this afternoon I have been getting “breakthrough” from those important dudes. Fifteen years ago, I was interacting with my colleagues and now many of them are seriously important dudes in the context of UK science, heads of department, presidents of societies, principle investigators on multi-million pound grants. Our paths diverged.

Here I am, I subsist on less than a tenth of what many of them might earn.

Big macho dudes full of kudos and power take on a retired quasi crippled cancer survivor.

I have been picking up the maroon dudes too. It seems that the maroon dudes and those important dudes are somehow in contact. It is possible that I am a tiny part of the conversation.

But do you know what?

Nobody has asked me!

I am excluded.

Not one of them has had any face to face, personal experience of me in way over a decade. So, whatever it is that they may be saying is based in assumption and projection.

Please talk about me behind my back that feels truly wonderful, fantastic and utterly inclusive!!!

It is sad, predictable and all about face and power.

Do eccentric lives matter?


I have been toying with the idea of buying some clogs and growing my hair, to look more Breton.

People have little appreciation of scale, absorbed in their own world, they may not sense a much wider significance even when it slaps them in the face with a wet haddock.

Something is afoot…

Whatever it is, will you please get on with it?


Do something…