Going Badly Wrong

It is difficult sometimes, to get across to others, a differing approach, a differing orientation.

What might flatter some could be a lead balloon for me.

Last night I had a dream in which someone wanted me to be measured for a shirt which was bit like this only way more fancy.

In the dream I point blank refused. The offer was repeated, I refused. I warned them that to persist would be to cause things to go very badly wrong. They ignored my warning and things went very badly wrong.

The reason that I have a thing about other people making plans, without consultation and then presenting them to be often as a fait accompli, is that this has happened at least half a dozen times. And, in each case this has gone life alteringly badly wrong, not for me but for them.

People have assumed that I would behave in one way and they have been wrong and badly so. People have even tried to coerce/manipulate me into their plans. Big mistake.

If you do not know someone well, how can you realistically make a plan for them that might be anywhere near a fit?

It looks like I am getting near sand mandala – impermanence time.

This morning it looks like the only way to stop this intrusive breakthrough.


Maybe I need an I Ching consultation.