T-Shirt Gardening

This afternoon I have had my first session of gardening without a jumper. So dressed in desert combats and my bodhidharma T-shirt I have been working on the central section, with the wife. My fingers are too sore to carry on now.

When we arrrived it was overgrown. Late last summer I tried splitting the bulbs for the Irises and replanting. There are now around 50 or so healthy looking plants in the central section and the same number up in the bowl. We have something like a hundred around the pond. So hopefully we will have a whole bunch of flowers soon. The idea is not to spend too much on plant stock because near a hectare could eat a lot of cash. Best to try recycling where possible.

On a sunny day, behind the gates, gardening to the tune of birdsong it is hard to imagine that there is a pandemic going on. Were it not for TV news and the internet we might never know.

The situation in France is looking to be flattening and maybe going down.

The data from India looks very alarming, that is one steep exponential. Over a million new cases a week, plenty of room for virus mutation.

I don’t know what the hell is gong on but I continue to get breakthrough from London. I have faces and names to those.  It started off with three men, two roughly my age and one slightly younger. Then an older more senior female who was talking to these men in turn. Also a senior male has spoken with her. I have met four of these five people, a long time ago. There is a sensation of conflab going on.

It is a bit of a shame because it was impinging slightly on my gardening.

In addition I am getting breakthrough from well known figures in Tibetan Buddhism.

It is very odd to be here in this bucolic charm and to have alternate worlds impinging, one real the other possibly imaginary.

It is turkey stir fry for dinner, so quick shower and then a bit of sous cheffing. I am going to try endive in the stir fry again, it is in season and the texture is like chinese leaf, the taste not.


I almost forgot. We have a new visitor, a bunny rabbit. It has made an appearance on three of the last four days.