Empty Dancecard

This morning I have been reflecting on my agenda, my diary, my dancecard.

There are only two appointments and both of these are medical, one in June and one in July.

That is the some total of the entries in the diary.

Apart from that we have to do some shoppping and take the full trailer up to the tip. No real time constraints or urgency.

It is unlikely that we will speak with another human being face to face other than the checkout people and those making deliveries before June.

I am in internet based telecommuniction with only one other being, in a land far away.

Which means I can take pictures  of the fauna.

This is one of our two kitchen-window lizards.

They get out their Ambre Solaire and bask each morning.

They are back now and will be here for the next few months.

So far we have had visiting:

A fox

A Reynard Charbonnier (fox with a blackish back)

Four lizards

3 slow worms

1 salamander

A grass snake (yesterday)

A coleuvre viperine, a swimming grass snake

3 deer

One coypu

Two otters

~5 ducks

A moorhen

One heron {a frequent visitor in winter}

A kingfisher { he is  a stunner }

Some spectacular moths and butterflies

Four trout

Loads of dragon flies

Multiple toads and frogs

A bunny rabbit

Loads of voles

A water vole

One rat

Plenty of mice

A red squirrel

A mink

We have a resident pair of magpies

And many other birds

We can hear owls and a rooster

The swallows who dive bomb the pond for a drink on the wing…amazing..they are back from Africa now..

Two random stray dogs

A scruffy cat

Oh and moles, lots of moles.

I am not quite at the stage of talking to them yet….