Conventional Wisdom – General Knowledge – Dogma

Somethings are held to be true, factual, the veritable Gospel and are therefore unquestionable. This includes conventional wisdom and so-called general knowledge. There are TV programmes where contestants are tested on their general knowledge.  There is a tacit assumption that there is only one answer to any given question. One such example is the quiz show University Challenge. I can get around 10-20% of the questions “right”.

Who discovered the Americas?

In what year?

Maybe you know the correct answer to this….

Looking through the Breton legends yesterday I found this.

Like Welsh myth and Madog it suggests that the men of Bréhat knew of the new world long before Columbus. Welsh myth has Madog going there. It is not unlikely that the Scandinavians, the Vikings, went there too. Just think of Iceland it is halfway…

But only one answer is correct, according to general knowledge, the acceptable dogma, the inviolate truth.

How much of conventional wisdom is made up?

How much of it is spin?