Mad as a Hatter?

I can honestly claim some genetic material from an actual Hatter in my blood line. It is the one sixteenth English who were Hatters in Manchester. They moved to Holborn, London and thence to Cardiff.

I have been playing all afternoon with the Coelbren and the font at Beddgelert. My best guess is that it says that RW, {R.V.} Richard Williams was the vicar in 1882 and the churchwarden was V {William?} E F. And they were bearing testament to their “adherence” to the gospel in 1882.

Most people would have spoken Welsh with only a smattering of English so the spelling might be “fluid”. Interesting that they used the Coelbren and not latin text.

Some of my relatives were contemporaries of that font.

Here is an extract from the 1871 census where Dorothy Hughes, washerwoman, widow aged 67 is living with her “son” Edward Jones, unmarried, slate miner aged 21.

In the previous census he was down as Edward Hughes and in the one before that aged one, one of his older sisters was missing {in shame?}.

I think Edward is looking after granny not mummy. Perhaps Mr Jones acknowledged his contribution to my gene pool?

Not long after the census Edward got married and had some children.

Was one of my ancestors baptised with the issue of this font?