Some Excellent News and Getting All Modern

We went up to La Poste today and collected our Titre de Séjour cards. This means that we are allowed to reside in France for five years. It removes some of our personal uncertainties thanks to Brexit. It is very nice to feel official. I can use the card to access the French on-line services via a numerical identity.

I have had my identity verified via my webcam and I can now pay my taxes when they are next due.

As a part of this I had to download an App {I think that is what they are called} for our pay as you go Android ‘phone.

You may not believe it, but this breaks my App download virginity.

Those keyboards are not much use for people with stumpy fingers like mine. I kept the expletives to a minimum.  I have installed an App. !!!!

Who knows what else one might do with these new-fangled things?

Maybe a glass or two to celebrate…