Arcane School Dream 22-04-21

After a bit of a dream drought, I had a dream last night. I suspect that reading about the Bardic Awen may have had a hand in it. This notion of Awen, or inspiration or intuition is one that I am both familiar with and fond of. Here is this morning’s dream.

The wife and I are in South London, on Brixton Hill. We are walking down the hill towards the cinema.  We are going to see a new release. We pass by a car repair garage the door of which is up. We nip into the garage and there are two young men in light blue overalls there. One is tending to a car. The other is sat in a window seat reading a small pamphlet. I recognise the pamphlet as one from the Arcane School. I say to him “I see that you read the Blue Books.” He replies “yes, I do. How did you know?” I tell him that I recognised the pamphlet from the Arcane School and that I followed their course for several months.

He leads me through the backdoor of the garage and into a meeting. It is a meeting of people who have read the Blue Books. Most of the people there are my age or older. I note the age profile. I recognise a few of them. Over by the door a younger man than me ~40 is leaving. We immediately recognise each other. He can’t place where from. I say it was from CRAC and UK GRAD. His mind joins the dots. He leaves.

In one corner there are a number of older people sat. One thin man says he recognises me. In the dream I know he is suspicious of me because I am not pure Arcane School and have dabbled in the Toltec Teachings. I know that he is being prejudiced and slightly ignorant. I know that I have things I could teach them / him.

We go outside and in the grounds of the garden is A. I know A fairly well. We have met on and off over 20 years. A looks dramatically different, she has changed. In the dream I resolve to drop her an email today.

The wife and I move off along a riverbank and past some obstacles. We might be late for the film. The riverbank looks like the one here in France at Guingamp.

Dream ends.