Laboratory and Rinpoche Dream 10-12-19

I found this in my archive near the numerology previous.

I woke up at 4.20 this morning, got up and had some coffee, read the on-line newspapers and then went back to bed at ~6. I knew that I was going to have a dream if I went back to sleep.

I am back at my old place of work, in a laser lab. The lab is very unkempt and in a bad state. There are broken optical filters on the floor and various opto-mechanical mounts scattered about. I can’t believe it is in such a mess. I am without crutches and walking normally. I get down on my hands and knees and start to clear up the mess, putting things in the small blue plastic boxes where they belong. I am at this for quite a while. I sit on the optical table to tidy things up further. I am putting filters and lenses in the little envelopes they shipped in. T pops his head round the door and sees me there. He says that he wants to talk to me. I carry on. He is distracted by someone on his ‘phone. He then says again that he would like to see me and talk. He says that “we are going to my favourite restaurant for lunch, and I am buying. Please call me.” There is a sense that this is a leaving do. I say nothing but have no intention of calling him. As he is leaving the room, I say that his hair colour has changed. He blushes and is pleased that I noticed. “No, I haven’t dyed it, it is simply reverting to natural.” He is much younger in the dream than when I last met him.

I continue tidying up. Now in the corner of the room there are some people aligning a laser system, I know them, and they too are much younger. They are making a long job of it. I toss them an optical element which lands precisely on the optical table. T comes back after the lunch, slightly upset that I didn’t go. He asks if it is simply because of my introversion that things aren’t working out? What am I doing now, nothing? No, I say that I do a lot of meditation, raja yoga and Tibetan deep voice chanting. At this point a young man walks by, he is dressed in Tibetan Buddhist robes with a yellow hat. He has his rosary and a slight wispy beard. He is a westerner. He says I hope you are only chanting at authorised rituals.  I say that I have sufficient control to do this on my own, safely. Under his arm is an ornate and highly decorated book entitled “The life of Something Rinpoche” which is about his discovery and enthronement as a Tulku.

He has asked to study at the laboratory as part of his education. I follow him to a room next to the lab. Where he is installed. In it is a massive king size bed, bedecked with ornamental cloth of a very luxurious kind. It has oriental Tibetan designs. On the floor are many Tibetan style rugs. On the bed is his attendant a small older man, also ornately dressed. Rinpoche gets on the bed and I can see his diary where he is writing an account of his experiences. The university has welcomed him there to study. I go to walk out of the room. His attendant says that it is customary to back out of the room, bowing and showing reverence to Rinpoche. I do this but know that I do not need to.

I go home to my house. When I am there, {it is not my actual house} I am talking to the wife. A book appears in my hands, it too is very ornate. The pages are a bit stuck. I open them carefully and there are folded over folio like pages that pull out. My first guess is that it was the book I saw previously. But it is not. It still has a very Tibetan feel. It is a different book and contains old photographs of Tibetan scenes. It pertains to me. I decide that the book is a present for my wife and hand it to her.

We look out of the window and see that the river has burst its banks. We are surrounded by water. She opens the front door and goes out to explore. I notice that the drain is partially blocked. I unblock it and the excess water starts to drain away.