Toltec Baby Dream 9-5-18

Here is this morning’s dream:

I am at a US style motel and we go around the upper veranda to an upstairs room. Which we enter. I am with a younger man, taller than me, whom in everyday life I have not yet met. The room is deceptively spacious.

At one side there is a ceiling to floor curtain on the wall. This stands out and is noteworthy. I go to the curtain and peak behind it. I can see that behind it is a wall. I draw the curtain back and the wall starts to warp, bend and breathe. There is a sense that this wall is a portal.

Something is trying to come through the wall now that we have drawn the curtain. We stand back and a “hologram” baby starts to materialize. It is wearing diapers but is standing up. It is a bit big for a baby. It glows and shimmers and gives off light. I know that this is a / the Toltec baby.

With the baby is a remote control. By using the remote control, we can get the baby / hologram to play scenes for us. The scenes are numbered and can be repeated, seen again.

We watch a number of these scenes which are holo-projected out of the Toltec baby. I already know them all, but they are new to the younger man.

In scene three the younger man is to have a meeting with “don Juan”. He is to go through the portal and on the other side Juan will be waiting for him in the lobby of a swish hotel, all suited and booted. 

I get the younger man to replay the scene because it is for him specifically.

We then call down to reception for a suit. A room service man who is ultra-helpful comes up to the room with a suit which is the correct size for the younger man. He acts like a tailor’s assistant and helps the younger man to get dressed. As he strips to his undergarments we notice that he is wearing an FBI style “wire”. We say that he must take this off because it is of no use where he will be going. This he willingly does. The tailor continues to dress him, he is very nearly ready to go and looks smart and well-manicured in the suit.

Outside a cow in the shed starts mooing loudly in the barn and I hear it through our open bedroom windows. It causes me to wake from the dream.