Aware of My Implant

We have not long returned from a walk along the beautiful Trieux valley. The river truly is beautiful, but the trail could benefit from a little maintenance. I estimate that we did just shy of 5km. Much of it over sloping trails and over and around obstacles. I still have some fear of slipping, falling. My balance isn’t good. Things that two to three years ago would have seemed simple are no longer.

On a Sunday afternoon, with great weather at a spot of outstanding loveliness we encountered only seven human beings along the trail.

This is the longest and most difficult walk I have done since my accident. I have jelly legs and can feel my implant inside my bone and the screws at the side of it. I am very aware of it. It turns out that it is the Ti6Al4V alloy so no induction heating from the stove and I should also be able to get an MRI.

This awareness of the implant has had me looking up some data on removal. Whilst there are some reasons for there are also some against. The process does not sound fun, and recovery can be a long thing. I am now an autumnal chicken.

Looking at the insertion kit which looks a bit Spanish Inquisition took me back to the space when the surgeon with his “Bosch Power Drill” was fitting the implant. I was fully conscious and had it fitted under a local {spinal injection}. The vibration in the skeleton when someone is drilling your leg, is pretty damn intense.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable walk. I am feeling slightly nauseous due to over exercise and predict an early crash out time tonight.

Time for an apero soon?