Physical Plane Reality

Irrespective of what I may write about here, what ideas and what dreams, this is the physical plane reality I face each morning. I sit on the sofa, drink my coffee and take my Seretide inhaler. I look out of the window and this is the view, now, in April. It will change, soon the rhododendrons will flower too.

Over the last few days, I have been picking up a triangulation which I shall call D-K-J. I even had D in my dreams last night. Why? I will never know for sure.

This pandemic is doing some weird shit aside from the illness. Where it leaves humanity remains to be seen. It will be a long-lasting scar in the psyche.

But this is physical plane reality behind the gates where time is marked by the monthly need for a buzz-cut to keep the shampoo costs down. Slowly the central section is getting cleared and when the weather changes, it will be back to DIY. There are so few time markers.

The world stands still.