The “Haiku” of Protection

ladybirds huddle
in the window frame
a testudo of spotty shields

in the church nave
a goat at a font
strokes his beard

on the tombstone
here lies hope
she died, being clever

two pennies for Charon
already over the eyes
old man smells of piss

the walking dead
are unaware
of their passing, still

a large gaudy bus
filled with sardines
each ego as big as next

teaching the already wise
harder than diamond
used to grind

an expert and a
which is the wiser?

at his desk, the actuary
counts the pennies
other side of the river

inflated balloons are
blown in the wind
the high voltage pylon, waits

at Sainsbury’s
a trolley full of folly
long checkout queue

which is the asylum
the seeker asks?
the fool nods wisely

a pride of mothers
4 by 4 heaven
they always know best

vinegar, salt, dried fish
and sulphur dioxide
preserves the truth

which is the asylum
the fool asks?
the seeker now nods wisely