Bring Out the Dead

Does ENTP Boris imagine that it is a game, some bizarre Oxbridge Monty Python sketch? This pandemic thingy?

I personally have no problems in imagining that an attention seeking extrovert could make a statement about bodies piled higher. That need to gob off and forget what you have actually gobbed off about, can be strong.

“It is OK I can wing it! I can talk myself out of any problem that I have myself created.”


It shall be interesting to see what possibly INTJ Dom-boy will do next. He will have planned and meticulously so. There will be data. It will be justified.

Each New Thought Propels

It is Not Thoroughly Justified

This one, methinks, may run and run.

Bluster, obfuscation and denial. I think Uncle Boris might be underestimating what is about to unfold. After all, Covid 19 is just like flu, isn’t it? The kind of flu that ends up in St Thomas’ and with an oxygen supply.

He went to Wales today and intimated that the UK response to Covid was a National “British” one. The nations within the UK will not have liked this. I think he just shot himself in the imagined Churchillian foot. His imagined narrative of British “nationality” is a lead balloon.

What a buffoon…

Does he really think that a posh “entitled” Englishmen praising the efforts of Welsh vaccine workers on live TV comes across well?

Maybe we should doff our caps?