Lack of Courtesy

There are two things which have pleasantly surprised me, here in Brittany. The first is the level of interpersonal courtesy which is high. The second is the care taken over the gardens and general village maintenance, which is also high. This civic caring is a big and welcome change. Relatively tiny villages have libraries and rooms for gatherings.

As we drove up to collect our click and collect order this morning, I was reflecting on the lack of courtesy shown to me by various academics fairly recently.  I wrote to over half a dozen of them to inquire if they might do a proof-of-concept study for my patent application. I am not from an or .edu email address. And do you know what, not a single one of them had the decency, the courtesy to reply. Clearly, I am an oik and a nobody, alternatively they were warned off that I am a plague bearer. My leper’s bell betrayed me. Or maybe I am simply a crackpot, a looney tune.

I wonder is all down to power by association? Do I need a posh university email? Probably.

Maybe the super-important are just way too busy?

I do not have sufficient status in their eyes.

I wonder if I still had an email would they have deigned to reply?