Do I Need to Get Vaccinated?

Although I had a dream this morning about Charlson comorbidities and vaccination, I don’t actually need to get vaccinated unless I wish to change my lifestyle. Our interaction with other human beings is very limited and unless I wish to increase the number and proximity of human contacts there is no strong reason why I should immunize.

Nobody is likely to visit us over the next few months.

In the absence of human contact, I am not a risk to anyone else.

The riskiest thing we do is going to the general practitioner or hospital. I may be having a chimney sweep {colonoscopy}. The risk of perforation is ~ 1.96/1000 with a subsequent risk of death of about 10% if perforated.

The fatality rate of Covid-19 per infection is about 1.9 % here. There are about 200 cases per 100000 in our department. I would have to have close contact with one of these people and they would have to present in one of the very few and limited contacts.

My risk assessment says that getting vaccinated is perhaps riskier than how we currently live. I would have to have fairly proximal contact with someone from the outside, in order to be stabbed.

Other people, younger than me have more of a need for human interaction, hence their need for vaccination is higher than mine.

On a needs basis they should get vaccinated first.

On a risk of death basis, I am more likely to pop my clogs than them.

OK that would make the overall statistics of death slightly worse, people like their statistics.

When I was a child, I had a measles vaccine. I then got “measles” without the spots.

When I was bit older, I had a cholera vaccination. I then played rugby. I ended up in the boarding school “san” with cholera like symptoms for two weeks.

Unless I wish to change my lifestyle, there is no need to get vaccinated.