Under Psychic Attack Dream 28-04-21

This is the first of two dreams that I had early this morning.

I am lying suspended in space. I know that I am under psychic attack. Various people are projecting malevolence at me. I sense two round holes, two portals in the etheric substance. It is through these holes that the attacks are coming. With my mind’s eye I construct a disc out of etheric substance, it is turquoise in colour and like a glazed ceramic in texture. I “paint “on this disc a round brilliant red George’s cross. I take the disc and screw it into one of the portals. When it is snug, I know it has blocked the portal. I now turn to the other portal and start to wrap indigo-blue threads of light across. I continue wrapping until the portal is sealed with a mass of indigo blue threads.

I now imagine myself lying on our bed as I actually am. I strike a fire of blue electric energy to the East of the house and then allow this fire to encircle the house moving North-West-South-East.  I allow the “fire” to rotate several times such that the flames rise higher. I then stretch the circle of fire over the house so that it forms a reflective dome. I construct the dome with care, ensuring there are no holes. The purpose of the dome is to reflect and perhaps amplify any projected malevolence in a return to sender manner. In the dream I make a mental note to do this construction in the waking state later.

I awake and head for the bathroom it is 5:27 AM.