From Tragedy to Happy Bunny

In mid February and under the shadow of pandemic, a minor tragedy happened. The mid-range woofer on one of my ProAc Studio 100 speakers ripped. They were purchased late 2006 as a leaving present out of the proceeds of the sale of my Brixton flat. They cost £1000 back then and have worked for 15 years!!

Not only have they been pleasurable but good value for money also.

However being old getting spare parts was a tad tricky. The frequency response for the woofer is here:

They are hand-made by a company Scanspeak in Denmark. They have replaced this version with a new one.

As you can see the frequency response 70Hz – 2000Hz, the mid range, is fairly flat. 70Hz-20Hz they are similar too, so the new one should work in the same box, the same speaker cabinet.

The top end differs, but this is where the tweeter should carry the show.

I have been in contact with a company in Germany. Today the post-lady brought me a present. Two brand new mid range woofers have arrived – vielen danke.

At 368 euros the OEM parts were cheaper than the speaker manufacturer was quoting by a factor of 2.

Soldering iron and cable dressing tools in hand I have now replaced the old, shagged out items.

First listen was promising, no explosions or electrical shorts.

So tonight I am a Happy Bunny ready to pump up the volume after two months of abstinence.

I have not been more than two weeks without a functioning HiFi since 1982!!

Those two weeks were usually holidays..

Tonight, I am the DJ.