Are Smart Phones Eco-Friendly?

What do you reckon are smartphones eco-friendly or eco-hostile?

On a whim today I did a search for the carbon footprint of smartphones. I was a little surprised.

I did not check the provenance of the data which I found. Various estimates are as follows.

To make and power a smartphone during its short shelf life of trendiness costs something like 22kg of carbon dioxide. 500 moles!! There are more than 2 billion ‘phones.

To make a two-minute call every day for a year costs > 40 kg of carbon dioxide. Near a thousand moles.!!

An hour long call everyday costs more than a tonne of carbon dioxide.

These figures are truly staggering.

They mean that if you chat a lot on the mobile ’phone you are contributing to global warming.

You are killing polar bears!!

You are shrinking the glaciers and causing the sea level to rise.