Reverse Engineer Dream 2-5-21

Here is this morning’s dream.

I am in a laboratory on the top floor of an American university. The lab is cluttered and messy.  I am speaking with a young Asian Indian man who has an American accent. He shows me a blue square shaped pill. It is pastel coloured and has the three-dimensional shape of a cushion or pillow. It is about half a centimetre across. He goes over to a full fish tank, full of water not fish. He places the pill in the water. It dissolves and turns the tank a vivid yellow green.

He asks me what has happened.

I say that the colour of the water reminds me of sodium fluorescein. I suspect that the pill has a pH dependent chromophore in it. When in a sloid form pH has no meaning. When dissolved the die probably loses a proton and changes colour. He thinks about this for a little.

He then tells me he is trying to reverse engineer an invention. This invention is a kind of sieve that extracts oil and petrol from water. He shows me a handful of granules. He then starts to bring all sorts of laboratory equipment up in the lift, there are pumps and shiny pieces of vacuum kit. There are stirrers, scales and water purifiers. I say that I can help him understand how these things works. In the dream I know that he is not a scientist.

The dream ends and I note that given my life context this is off piste.