Solar Powered Dephlogisticator?

A brief look into Oxygen concentrators suggests that the patent has expired and there are numerous manufacturers with prices starting at ~£500 and going up according to flow rate and purity of Oxygen produced. Some provide oxygen on demand via inhalation and others provide it continuous flow. Some are dual mode.

Many have back up batteries and can run without mains electricity for let’s say half a day, equivalent to overnight. Like so many things these days Lithium might play a role in the battery. I wonder whether along with water and Oxygen, Lithium might start to be harder to source. It should be possible to incorporate a solar panel into a large non portable unit. Others come with a carry bag or an airport style suitcase trolley, clearly not suited to a solar panel. One could have a solar powered battery charger. With two batteries one would have one in use and one charging. Therefore, having no need for mains. The more equatorial the better the charging.

I quite like the idea of a solar powered battery charger. Our Stihl chainsaw has two batteries and they have designed things so that these batteries fit a strimmer, hedge trimmers etc. They are interchangeable between tools.

I have started to look into getting solar power for the house. In France there is a “buy the excess” scheme to help mitigate the cost. Also some small financial incentives, these are largely aimed a 3kW installations. The installations come in 3,6,9,12 kilowatt quanta. One can have a bespoke size. The panel area scales linearly with wattage. 20 metres squared is about 3kW. There is a lot of roof space, but they face East and West. The south facing “burn area” where we stored the logs is ~110 metres squared, and we could place a solar panel farm there. It will be hidden by the hedges.

If we switch central heating and hot water to electric, we could go off grid in terms of need and on grid in terms of provision. With 12kW we would be selling back, especially during summer. It is a major project and perhaps one for next summer, given the scale and how things revolve around the holidays. The time for quotations is probably winter ’21.

It interesting to note the subtle differences between how things are pitched and explained here as compared to the UK. There is a lot more data and technical information readily available in France and much less of a sales pitch.

This is nice.