Is Academia Quantised?

In metaphorical terms, yes.

Only certain things are allowed, others are forbidden, ergo taboo.

One could see it as a one-dimensional potential well with only certain allowed states. These might be Ph.D., Post. Doc., Lecturer, Senior lecturer / Reader, Professor, Faculty Head, Dean, Provost / Vice Chancellor, God. The nomenclature is country specific, we might have Assistant Professor, Associate Professor. To transition between states, one needs to use the harmonic “ladder operator” and the “selection rules” for this are partially defined.

No wavefunction from outside the box can tunnel in because the potential energy barrier is high.

When a frog lives in a well, it knows that well very well. But it has never climbed out of the well and is unaware of things like the sea, the stars, the horizon. The frog imagines that its world is complete and that it encompasses all that any frog could ever possibly want to know. It imagines it knows the extent of reality. It may think itself omniscient.

Yeah, the analogy works.

 From time-to-time academia can be treated using a particle in a one-dimensional box metaphor / model.