Juxtaposition – Alternate Worlds

During the night I had a very vivid dream which came as a big surprise for me.

If you have been reading this blog, you may have an idea of the bucolic setting in which we live. The birdsong is loud, the river gurgles. We are out in the full countryside. I am retired and life is far from hectic. This is in contrast to the places of learning in the previous post all of which were town centre.  Bern was the nicest location, cities in Switzerland are somehow not like those in other places. I once played cricket with a Yorkshire man on the lawn.

In my dream of this morning, I was in a men’s public toilet in London. It was in a shocking state of repair and I could not believe that they had let it get this bad. In the dream I met R there and he told me that he wanted to talk to me about waves {in a physics sense} I said that I did not believe I could help him. He was showing someone around the building and headed off.

The next day I went to his office and he showed me some planning documents. He said that he would like my opinion on them and that they / he would pay me for it. I explained again that I would be unlikely to be able to help. I said that I did not want to be paid {in Sterling} because that would complicate my tax situation in France. I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to help. {You lose what you don’t use}.

Just now when I closed the gate, I had the notion that the dream was pointing at someone trying to manufacture some premise to contact me.

Bizarre to have such a juxtaposition of worlds on a nice day in May.