Taoist Attack / Zen Dream 8-5-21

Here are some dreaming fragments from this morning. The wife said she knew something was up because I was thrashing about in bed.

I am aware that someone, or some people known to me are projecting a malevolent energy in my general direction. I know that this is of Taoist internal arts origin and that the projector(s) have some proficiency in this art. It is shamanic in origin and emotive of bent. They are angry with me and wish me ill. It is not clear if they are fully conscious of the sentiment of malevolence which they are projecting at me. It is nasty and not aligned with the true Tao it is a perversion. In the dream I know that I must not react to the sentiment. I must metaphorically sit in seiza and allow it flow over and around me. I should not make any effort to reflect it back to sender just simply let it pass. I must not get drawn into their emotive game. I must be zen-like and calm. They are being immature and very petty.

Second fragment after waking briefly and saying to the wife that I was having an attack dream.

I am with a man and a woman in the open countryside. In front of us is a black London cab. The cab is left hand drive, which I note as being odd in the dream. There is a French flavour to the dream. The man gets into the front passenger seat. The woman gets into the back seat, on the right-hand side. The woman and the man usher me to join them. I get into the back on the left-hand side. From the passenger seat the man starts to reverse the car up a long drive. When we get to the top to the exit of the estate the way is blocked. So, he drives us forward down hill a little. A large bus follows us and turns around. It then heads off the estate. The way is clear. The man then turns the taxi around, still driver less and we head between the gates at the edge of the estate.

Next, we are at a seaport. There is a large ocean-going liner. The man and the woman go on ahead. There is an understanding that I will try to find them. There are some formalities that I need to complete. I have only a small rucksack with me. I board the boat and explore, trying to find a seat. The boat is very busy and full. I have difficulty finding a seat and so far, there is no sight of the man and the woman. I arrive at a carpeted floor and the seats are filled with young women who are some kind of a sporting team.  There is one seat amongst them. They usher me to sit on it before it is taken. Which I do.

Dream ends.