The Untied Kingdom?

Word objects to my use of Untied it wants me to use United. I never realised that software could be prejudiced.

This morning I watched a Tory from Cornwall say that there will not be an independence referendum in Scotland.  We have an old-Etonian claiming that people do not want a referendum. How does he know what the Scots want? This patronising Englishman{?} Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, imagines he speaks for others. This kind of behaviour adds to the impetus to leave. The logic is bizarre. The English wanted their independence from the EU but want to enforce Scotland to stay chained to a Tory Eurosceptic government. They do not understand that things are different north of the border.

Send in the gun boats old chap!! We shall keep the bally Scots under the cosh.

From here it all looks a bit silly.

The problem with separative behaviour is that it spreads. It is infectious.

Imagine a hard border at Hadrian’s Wall, a unified Ireland. Students from Europe wanting to learn English going to Ireland and Scotland. English speaking commerce wanting access to the EU migrating to Dublin or Edinburgh. There would be no base for the English nuclear submarines.

I know, let’s fudge it and pretend it isn’t happening.