Do You Believe in Exorcism?

The Catholic church, if I am correct, still has some exorcists. I seem to remember some mention of Islamic exorcists. There will probably be a Jewish equivalent. Then we have the shamanic ridders of evil spirits.

If you are sat in a nice well-lit apartment with all your electronic gizmos, the notion of exorcism might seem far-fetched. You may turn on Netflix and watch a scary film on the subject. For a moment you may feel a well scripted fear. On the way to bed the floorboards might creak, just a little.

If you and I were around a fire in the middle of a forest, surrounded by the sounds of the night, your certainty may waiver. Should I then start the mantra of exorcism what would you do, what would you think? If something, in you, started to react badly to my words would you believe in possession then?

If you need an exorcist, where would you find one, what qualifications might they have?

What traits make for a good exorcist?

Do they do personal development planning and accreditation?

In this 21st century of ours is it primitive to imagine that we can be targeted by evil, possessed by an entity? Do we really know for sure?

If I chant the charm of making, what if anything, might transpire?

Anál nathrach,

orth’ bháis’s bethad,

do chél dénmha