Is Exoteric History Complete and Accurate?

If you read the post previous, allegedly written telepathically by amanuensis in 1945 and by a being who took the fifth initiation in 1875, it is possible that you might imagine it as being somewhat made up. Yet there is something compelling in the style of writing and choice of words that points at a mind of some considerable intellect and capacity aback its construction. This is no woolly David Icke.

Hitler’s gang, his crew, his squad, were dark adepts, skilled at manipulating minds. They were evil embodied.

This raises a question; can you be sure that your mind has not been “impressed” either by a dark adept or a white one?

If you like power, you have a furrow already ploughed into which seeds might easily be sown.  Much like the metaphor of Faust and Mephisto.

There may be more to this world than meets the eye. There may be things going on about which you are wholly unaware, yet you remain convinced of the extent of your knowledge and the accuracy of your cognitively assembled world view.

We are taught that there were two world wars. But the Tibetan says only one. The punitive treaty at the end of the “first” world war was an act of war and revenge. This prompted more war and revenge.

History apportions fame and kudos to people for various discoveries, when in fact the inspiration, the intuition, might have been “assisted” and in a manner in which the assisted being is totally unaware.

Since the Tibetan wrote that piece the world has changed, and many more countries are nuclear capable. This raises the probability of the release of millions of souls from their current forms and in a global manner.

Humanity continues to profit from the energy of fission. That is separation. It has yet to develop an economic fusion source. This is perhaps because mankind is still grossly separative in outlook.

The pandemic has shown the prevalent ME FIRST attitude. Again, it highlights the rich and the poor, the greedy and the needy. Vast swathes of people have already dis-incarnated and in a very unpleasant manner.

Do you think;

  1. That even the exoteric recounting of history is accurate?
  2. That there may be esoteric forces at play beyond the veil of “fact” based history?