Projecting Anger Dream 31-12-19

I found this in my archives.

I am in an upstairs room which is white in colour and has high ceilings. It is largely empty but has a classy feel. I am there, for some unknown reason with D. D is someone I used to know well and worked closely with. I have heard that D has gotten a promotion. I sincerely congratulate him. He pretends to accept my congratulations. I shake his hand. I then ask if he is sure that he wants the promotion, it will mean a lot of work. He then goes on to say that he has a good understanding of what is involved and that he has someone there to assist him. I wish him well and he goes to leave by the door.

As he approaches the door his “mask” slips and I can see that he is livid with me and very angry. He is projecting his anger at me. He is really very angry and is wishing me ill. He walks out through the door fuming.

In the dream I decide to check the house for traces of evil, if they are there, I will banish them. Then I will rebuild the dome of blue electric fire which acts as a reflective amplifier for any ill will projected at me.  It is a return to sender affair.

Dream ends.