Hallucinations, Psychosis or Dreaming?

As can be seen from the previous post there is biblical precedent for the importance of dreams. One web site I visited claims there are 21 dreams in the bible. Six of the dreamers are kings, one is a woman and two of the dreamers are called Joseph. These dreams include Jacob’s ladder. Many of these dreams have an element of prescience. The pharaoh acting on his dream saved Egypt from famine, according to the text. The dream had 7 which is the Toltec dreaming symbol for guidance {need for}.

I have just done a quick search and found that some people have suggested the Joan of Arc had psychiatric problems rather than angelic contact. There is an apparently rich Islamic tradition pertaining to dreams.

I have had waking dreams and sleeping dreams. I know what physical plane reality is, I know other realties too.

People are sceptical and want to pick holes, to prove just how darned clever they are.

Everybody has a theory which they feel an urge to share. Many wish to explain away any possible spiritual explanation because that does not fit with their material pseudo-rational hedonism.

This afternoon I am “picking up” palpitations, there are not mine. They are of the nature OMG. What have I / we done? There is a sense of some kind of penny dropping. A penny which refuses all telekinetic attempts at stopping the fall.

Hmm I guess I had better go and lock myself up in the loony bin…