Hunted / Assassin Dream 13-05-21

Here is this morning’s dream.

I am exploring a near derelict building / building site. I have heard and can sense that someone is sending an assassin to hunt me down and kill me. He has been paid for by some people that I once knew, who wish me ill. Because I know that he is coming I can prepare my path.

I find an underground swimming pool that is partially filled. I get in the water and dip below the surface. Because the room is poorly lit, he will not be able to see me there and the water will mask any infrared signature. I can hold my breath for a long time. This is one hiding place, under water.

I get out of the water and go to a derelict men’s toilet. I go into one of the cubicles and lock the door. At the back of the cubicle is a kind of shelf which I climb on. If he enters the room, he will not be able to see my legs under the cubicle doors.

I then go out onto some scaffolding arranged around the building. It is on multiple levels and some kind of maze. I can see thick electrical cables. I adjust some of these so that the bare end of the cable would hit anyone running along the scaffolding. I note that some of these cables are live. There is a gap in the scaffolding flooring. I trail a cable so that it is over the middle of the gap. I have done this so that I can swing by the cable over the gap. The assassin chasing me will not be able to do this because he is carrying a rifle with a telescopic sight.

In the dream I know that I can run between these three scenes when the assassin comes for me. I am unconcerned in the dream because I have made some rudimentary plan. They are hunting me.

Dream ends.