92 per 100,000 and out of towners

It seems that the out of towners are continuing to flee west to escape the plague. Here we have a low positive test per 100,000 population rate.  I read somewhere that there are more pigs than people in Brittany. There are only a few “big” towns.

The number of cars with number plates from other departments is going up. I have also seen some Dutch and Belgian plates. There are a lot of second homes up on the coast. I estimate that last time we were there one in three had their shutters down. Some will be holiday homes.

It seems that there are a few vaccination slots becoming available soon. Now the wife qualifies as well. I am fairly ambivalent about the notion. It will not materially affect the way we are currently living. Nobody visits. There is no need to do kissy-kissy. We don’t socialize.

Maybe when they open up night classes it might be wise to have some antibodies. But that time is not yet, and I am guessing that there will be another wave.