Cross Contextual Thinking

As you can possibly tell I have been “in” the context of Buddhist Sutras today. I have, as is my wont, delved at quite some depth and across many traditions. As is only human each tradition has a flavour of “ours is best” to a little extent, even though that isn’t a Buddhist sentiment. People are not yet enlightened.

It is difficult for people to engage in cross contextual thinking. For example, if your day job revolved around this kind of thing, then imagining ascetics wandered the forests of pre–Christian India, may not come all that naturally.

I am guessing that my mind is a tad more flexible than most.

I have put a host of my dreams up here on this blog and they point at various things. I have nearly 20  A4 dream journals. I had at least a dozen more which I burned one night in a ritual of cleansing. If anyone could be arsed, and they looked through them all, I wonder what “conclusions” they might come up with.

It has been fun delving into a Sutra I have not read before….

And now it is Pizza time…

I am more than a little peckish.

It has been strimmer frenzy time again today…

Given a 0.8-hectare garden, I estimate that I have walked, today, laden with a 10kg strimmer, in excess of 1 km whilst swaying from side to side.

My hip hurts, my shoulders are tired.

No problems to solve, nor mysteries to explore.

Back from Sutra-land into the context of day-to-day reality…