Assumptions and Collective Wisdom

People can be very certain that they know what they are dealing with, make vast assumptions and as a consequence mess things up very badly. Sometimes the mess they create is irreparable and very widespread.

People very rarely look under the hood so to speak.

Today I am missing whitey a little. Whitey was my Peugeot 208 GTi with 200bhp.

The roads here this morning were full of out of towners driving new and expensive cars faster than the speed limit. This is where whitey would have been fun. If someone was trying to overtake me. I could simply put my foot down. Whitey which looks pretty much like any 208 had a lot under the bonnet and could do 0-60mph in around 6 seconds. It had a top speed of 147mph. People with more expensive flash cars often got a surprise.

A car is a dreaming symbol for state of awareness.

Largely thanks to one martial arts class I attended I am pretty open minded about some of the things a highly trained being can do, things which seem to question the laws of physics. It is dangerous and on occasion very painful to underestimate.

Let’s do a little thought experiment.

Imagine you are monitoring this blog because you seek to control whatever it is I am saying and have a strategy for response should anyone else question you pertaining to my content. Your motive is self-protection, control and to stymie anything that I might attempt. I must be controlled and any damage that I might threaten must be limited and prevented. Even though I am “off the reservation” I must not be allowed to harm your business.

  1. Is this a good motivation for monitoring me?
  2. Is it karmically sound to try to control a non-returner?
  3. Is it justifiable to protect your position and power?
  4. What exactly are you protecting them from?
  5. Am I really a threat or are you a paranoid control-freak?
  6. Am I a part of a truly massive mess which you co-created?
  7. If I genuinely am a non-returner, do you imagine that my mind is anything like yours?
  8. Are you in fact making your mess a whole lot worse?
  9. Could you stop yourself from monitoring or is it too late now?