Slightly Spooked

Feeling ever so slightly spooked.

The video immediately pointed me to my double vajra with triskelion dream.

About fifteen years back and after I had various dreams suggesting that I had been a Buddhist priest/monk in previous incarnations, I began investigating Buddhism more. The idea being to find out what flavour.

Because of the dragons on the flags, I developed a little joke. Whilst I was looking around for where to incarnate, I saw the Welsh flag and went there by mistake. I was aiming for Bhutan but ended up in Cardiff.

I looked into traveling to The Land of The Thunder Dragon partially because Tibet was closed, but mainly because of the groovy name. It struck a chord.

I had a number of good on-line conversations with local Bhutanese tour guides, but bottled at the expense in the end.

I have mild excitement, maybe the programmes this evening will give me another piece of the puzzle.

Maybe not…