Quantum Energy Fields – Man

We watched the Guru Rinpoche programme last night. It raised in me a profound question, what percentage of people making “documentaries” of this kind are either stoners or reformed stoners? It is a question to which I have no answer.

The programme highlighted how terms from the natural sciences bleed across into the common view in a manner which is far from exact or correct. People seek to get scientific buy-in to make what they are saying sound credible, exciting and “scientific” but in fact they, to one skilled in the art, do the exact opposite.

After ten or more spliffs one might be able to feel the quantum energy fields – man.

It is a shame that people do this. I don’t know if they are trying to get clickbait or if they genuinely believe that there are such things as quantum energy fields.

This highlights what has for me been a problem. I am too whacky for the science community and to hard, mean, nit-picking and exact for the fluffy-bunny new-agers.

People say things like “laser focussed” WTF? A laser is generally a collimated beam of light. It is not focussed.

You can buy quantum dishwasher tablets, in what way could something that macroscopic be quantised?

People have said things like consciousness is mutating. What? Is it getting cancer then?

Consciousness is mapped in our DNA; this does not apply.

It is all a bit silly, to say stuff you don’t understand to try to look knowledgeable, cool and trendy.

Pass the Rizlas please…