Buddhism and Tattoos

I am back doing a little detective work this evening concerning my putative second Buddhist life. Whilst still at school I was almost obsessed by a TV programme “Monkey” which dramatizes that transport of the Tripitaka to China

Around 2004-5 I started having dreams both sleeping dreams and waking dreams of me as a Buddhist monk. In these dreams I had tattoos in Sanskrit on my inner arms as per the dragon and tiger on Kwai Chang Caine in Kung Fu. These tattoos said om mane padme hum. Later I had my Sanskrit Senzar dream.

In Thailand there is Sak Yant or yantra tattooing, it has been around for 2000 years (apparently). So if the dreams and visions are indicators of physical plane reality, then my second life was as a Thai monk. My statue of Avalokiteśvara is Thai.

So, I might have looked like these.

I would have been Theravada. Just checked the front of this book,

Dr Malalasekera stayed with Mrs. Rhys Davids for two years as her pupil and attendant. His daughter was the pen-pal of my mother-in-law and now, my wife. It was this connection that led me towards the Pali cannon.

When I went to our local Buddhist monastery in the UK it was of the Thai Forest tradition.

A bit more circumstantial evidence.

The feeling is that this life was sometime before 800 AD.

Hmm, maybe a Thai Green Curry should be on the menu for tomorrow.