Somebody Else’s Karma?

On and off over the last few days I have been contemplating how this lifetime will end, what are the scenarios? What is my endgame?

One thought stream pertains to the notion that I may inadvertently be caught up in the manifestation of the karma of other beings. Something has to play out of which I am a minor bit player, a film extra if you like. There is nothing I can do about that circumstance; it will evolve as it will.

The most likely scenario, currently, is that I will probably never return to the UK. The caveat of course is that France allows me to stay. I have a five-year pass. Who knows what the world will be like in four to five years?

If the wife dies before me, I will probably sell up and move back to Wales. If not, I will probably die here. I know where I will probably be burned, we drive past it often.

As things stand it is unlikely that I will leave the 22,29,35,56 enclave for at least a year, maybe longer, maybe ever.

I don’t propose to do anything other than DIY, gardening, a bit of blogging and walks in the countryside for the foreseeable future.

One can get lost in speculation. Is it my karma that I am here or does the karma of somebody else have a role?

There are plenty of highfaluting posts on the blog. It is for me interesting to contemplate widely. The physical plane reality however remains. That reality is one of relative hermit-like behaviour behind the gates on our large compound. We venture out on average three times a week, twice for shopping and once for a walk. I don’t speak to anyone on the internet, and I haven’t had a personal ‘phone call or email for a long time.

If I speak to anyone other than the wife at all I say “bonjour, merci, bonne journée and au revoir”, that is the sum total of my speech.

Aside from this, I have a feeling that someone else’s submarine karma has started to surface. This type of karma arises when a hidden misdeed starts to self-reveal, to surface from the murky depths. It is just a feeling which may not refer to anything at all.


It is very windy outside. This afternoon I will continue working on the central section.

Tomorrow we will click and collect.

Physical plane reality.