Half a Tonne of Grass and Electrode Potentials

The lawns on the property produce a whole heap of grass in May and June. The wife drives the tractor mower and I do the strimming. The weather has been wet for a couple of weeks and finally she got out to mow. This morning I had to shift about half a tonne of grass from where it gets dumped up onto the heap. This takes about 50 minutes of hard pitchfork labour. I have to be slightly careful because from time to time I find a slow worm in the composting grass cuttings. I am whacked now and need a day off tomorrow. If things keep going on like this, I might need to buy some bigger shirts. No need for a Gold’s Gym vest when you have a big garden.

I have been going round the house today with a magnet. We have a central heating leak possibly within the floor. The geniuses have done a mix and match of copper and steel piping. The consensus is that these should not be in contact. Sounds like an electrochemical cell to me. Even if they are not in contact, warm water, dissolved ions, bad news.

No wonder we have some corrosion!!

Nicely knackered.

Oh, it looks like my hands are getting the calluses of an honest man. There may also be another basal cell carcinoma on my left hand. Adjusting prisms with ultraviolet laser beams flying about has its hazards. A bit more knife, might be on the cards.


Probably an early night for yours truly…