EPSRC / Tibetan Café Dream 31-5-18

Here is this morning’s dream.

The dream starts in an academic setting. I am at an event organised by the EPSRC {science research council}. It is all very corporate, with standing corporate publicity banners, all glossy. There are various little tables with table cloths, bowls of sweets and flash corporate marketing literature. There is a big projection screen at one end of the room and chairs set out for the upcoming presentation. The meeting is to do with the DTCs {doctoral training centres}. It is a big review. There is a very long table and sat around it are a whole bunch of people, some of whom I used to know. In front of each person is an “official” name-place card. I really do not want to be there. The people sat around the table assume that I do, they do not get that I don’t want to be there. The meeting starts, and I slope off unobserved out of the building.

Outside there is a small white “builder’s” van. I am met by a man there who is not yet known to me. Together we get in the van, I am driving. I ask him if he has a sat. nav. on his ‘phone because we have to go to an address near Battersea Bridge. He says yes but it will take a little while to boot up. We set off and he says that he hasn’t brought any lunch. I tell him not to worry because there is a café at the address.

We arrive at the address and there are two entrances, one for people on foot and another for vehicles. I say that I will go in the pedestrian entrance and open the vehicle access to the compound for him.

I walk along the river path and to the entrance. To get in I have to pass through two “arches” in succession. They are made out of church sandstone and are of a western design. They are quite ornate. I can only just squeeze myself through these arches, what with my frame being as big as it currently is. I get partially stuck but can, through relaxing, squeeze through.

I walk through the communal area and into the open courtyard. It is some kind of commune / city farm project. I go over to the gate and lift the bolt out of the ground. I then swing open the large corrugated sheet metal door and let the van into the compound.  We are met by a tall slender woman with white-grey hair. She knows me because previously she has been trying to sell me her property, which is a part of the city farm project.

She ushers me into her house. In the dream I know her to be Dutch, she has that vibe as well. In the house we meet another tall, slim, younger woman, with brown hair. She greets the older woman and goes off to get more fully dressed. My companion asks me if they are lesbians. I say that yes it looks like they are in a lesbian relationship. We are possibly there to be doing some work for them.

When we step outside we can see a number of cats, quite a few. One of them comes over to me and makes a fuss of me rubbing itself against my leg and twirling its tail. In the dream I am not allergic to cats.

Similarly, we meet some small dogs. Several of them make a fuss over me and rub themselves against me so as to mark themselves with my scent. The older woman notices this and comments that I have a way with dogs and asks if I have ever had one. I say that I had a ridgeback-boxer mix as a child. She says a Dutch word for this kind of dog and thinks it explains my manner with the animals.

We proceed forward to the communal area. I point out a balcony to my companion. “This is where someone DJs of a weekend when they have a gathering.”

We move on to the café. The two Dutch women, my companion and I sit at a low ethnic table, the middle of which is a hot plate for serving food hot at table. The plate is on and hot. A small wizened man in Tibetan dress comes over to us and places some glasses on the table from which we will later drink. At the bottom of mine is some white powder. I am to warm the glass up on the hotplate and then blow into it so as to prepare the glass. This I do. When I blow into the glass some of the white powder contents land on my face. This causes all round hilarity. I taste the powder and much to my surprise it is coconut.

Some “Tibetan” women come over with the menus. “I will have two Tibetan pancakes and an orange juice please”, I say. The meal is served, and I eat the pancakes with some yak butter. I wait for my orange juice. In time it comes and is poured into my prepared glass.

It is now time to pay and the Dutch woman has overestimated how much money I might have. The bill for my part comes to 55 Euros. I ask if they will accept sterling…yes. So that comes to around £50, is that OK… yes that is fine.

I look into my wallet and all I have there is £35. I ask if they take cards, they do not. So, I suggest that I give her, the café manager, the £35 and go and get the rest.

She is suspicious, but I know that if I promise to do this, I will. It is a matter of personal integrity. She says, “before I let you do this tell me more about yourself, what do you do?”

I say that I spend most of my time meditating and doing a little gardening. I sit in the full lotus position on the hotplate, on the table, to demonstrate. {In real life there is no way that I can do a lotus}

I ask her to look deep into my eyes to see if I can be trusted. This she does. For a long while it is just her and me. Whilst we are thus engaged I say; “from what you can see now, is there a single dishonest bone in my body? Do you not think that if I promise to return with the £15 I will?” This is more mind-to-mind that actual words.

She remains suspicious but slowly something in her softens and she starts to change. The “spell” between us in the dream is broken. She is now happy for me to go away and come back with the £15.

Dream ends