Patent Attorney Dream 8-12-17

I go back to bed for a snooze after breakfast, my body is tired after Aikido last night and the logs the day before. It is very unusual to dream in these snoozes.

I am in my garden, with a small house and a wooden fence. I go through the gate at the end of the garden onto the footpath that runs behind all the houses. The footpath is on the edge of hill which overlooks a large lake. The water in the lake is clear and azure blue. To the side of the big lake is a smaller similar coloured lake. From where I am standing I can see fish swimming in the lake. It is a clear sunny day of indeterminate season.

I go back into the garden and my sister has a telescopic fishing rod which looks to be a bit tangled with fishing line. I say, that was just what I was thinking. Let’s go and see if we can catch some fish. She follows with the rod. Attached to it are two pike fishing plugs. I say we won’t be needing these. We can find some hooks later. I have half a loaf of sliced bread. I start to roll some of the bread into balls and throw it from the hill into the water. It seems to attract the fish. But my throwing is off. I decide to go down to the lake.

At the edge of the lake I throw some bread balls in. The smaller fish are attracted. I then try to throw the bread out to where the bigger fish are. These are also attracted to the bread.

I go over to the smaller lake. To my surprise there are two women swimming in the lake. They are wearing fashionable, expensive, swimsuits. They are tall and athletic. I ask them what the water is like, one says cold. Just as I am asking I fall into the water fully clothed. The water is fine. One of them swims close to me and in a slightly sexually provocative manner. We talk for a bit and I can hear that she has an accent. We go over to the shallows and the two women get out as do I. They have to get back to work.

I ask them where they are from, Germany, south, I suggest. Yes one is German and the other Russian. I ask them why they are here. They are working, both of them, in patents, one is writing a patent and the other is a patent attorney.  I say to them, in the dream, that I pay particular attention to strange things and explore them. Two women working in patents in a lake is strange thing, and because they are German, this is even stranger.

I ask them how they feel about living in the UK. It is OK they say. It isn’t very modern but green and has nice trees. I say that Germany has all changed since the reunification.

Dream ends.