Patents in Welsh and Key Man Insurance

Back in 2017-2018 I had the notion to submit a patent application in Welsh at the IPO. It is legally possible to do so BUT you also have to do it in English as well, it would get translated. Any strategic advantage of having a largely undecipherable patent was eroded. It was tremendous fun finding all this out and all the Patent Attorneys, from the land of my fathers, were helpful. It was kind of a novel idea to be the first ever patent application in Welsh.

I was tinkering with the idea of doing a start-up. I even founded a shell company “Eigenoptics” and was in discussion with various Photonics Clusters: Berlin, Holland and Brittany. I had an invite to go to a VC event in Berlin and had arranged to meet some people whilst there. I even had my tickets and room booked. People this side of the channel were way more helpful than in blighty.

I started sketching out the components for a business plan. When this happened before the VCs wanted key man insurance for the founders. They wanted about £2million cover if one of us popped our clogs. Because of my previous suicidal ideation my insurance was more expensive, and it was the start of problems with the CEO. He read my health disclosure, back in 2000, which he should not have done.

I had a T3 colon tumour removed in July 2015.

When I asked for quotes for life insurance, I had some interesting responses.

“No way we will insure you this close to your cancer.”

“We will insure you but for £2million cover we want £65,000 per annum. If you make it out to year seven the premium will drop to around £10,000.”

Pretty weird talking to people making bets on you not carking it.

There it was one big fat juicy showstopper.

I pulled out of the VC event and never went to Berlin. I dissolved the company.

Thematically the dreams I published earlier today are linked to what was going on, on the physical plane.

Weird re-visiting that space.

Better do the ashram thing instead.