Tree Dream 14-4-18

Here is this morning’s dream.

I find myself on a harsh rocky landscape. The ground is dry, and the sun beats down. Not much grows here. I have with me a small ornamental tree, a spade and a wheelbarrow full of good topsoil. The ground is sandy coloured and hard, the topsoil is deep brown, fertile and earthy.

I look for somewhere to plant the tree. And there is but one hole in the ground. Lying next to the hole is a cylinder of rusty steel. The hole running through the cylinder is big enough for the root ball. And this cylinder fits nicely into the hole in the ground. The steel is quite thick ~5mm. I place the cylinder in the hard ground and fill it with some earth. I place the tree in the hole and cover the root ball with some earth. I have now a watering can which I water the tree with.

That tree is the only living thing in this harsh landscape. In the dream I know that its growth will be limited by the ring of steel which surrounds it. It cannot grow past this rusty ring of steel. In the dream I know that this is a metaphor for what I am trying to do and that this too is surrounded by a ring of rusty steel.   

Dream ends.